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REMAJA YANG DIDAPATI XBERSALAH DALAM CUBAAN BUNUH IBUNYA SENDIRI (ada kisah lagi di sebalik tajuk nieh...baca lah..)

A YOUNG woman accused of killing her mother and trying to murder her father embraced a juror after her acquittal in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

Outside the court, Kaihana Hussain embraced one juror as other jury members wished her well following their decision to acquit her on charges of murdering her mother and attempting to kill her father.

Police and security officers were called to the Court complex courtyard after a woman who had been sitting in the public gallery for much of the trial screamed abuse to the media about Kaihana Hussain's acquittal.
The woman, who refused to identify herself, screamed that Kaihana would get her comeuppance and accused her of being a murderer.
She was moved on by security staff who stood guard with police until Kaihana left. However, when Kaihana, surrounded by her legal team and family friends, left the court building an hour later some members of the jury had stayed back to wish her well.
Kaihana embraced one juror while other jurors wished her well.
It brought to a climax a case which could be seen as a clash of cultures, a matter of star crossed lovers or even a genuine "whodunit". In what was a very rare type of murder trial, a Brisbane jury was asked to decide a case in which there were two suspects who blamed each other for the killing of Shehada Yasmeen Hussain, 3 1/2 years ago.
Devout Muslim and medical doctor Muhammad Hussain said his daughter Kaihana Hussain had killed her mother and tried to kill him out of the blue.
Kaihana said Muhammad had knifed her mother and then tried to commit suicide in a rage over her desire for more freedom.
Prosecutor Michael Byrne, SC, told the jury the evidence clearly pointed to Kaihana as the killer.
Barrister Dennis Lynch said the only real evidence against Kaihana was the word of her father and if they didn't believe him they had to acquit.
After deliberating for just over an hour before returning not guilty verdicts on all charges.
Kaihana Hussain, now 20, pleaded not guilty to murdering Shaheda Yasmeen Hussain, 41,and attempting to murder Muhammad Nural Hussain, now 53, on October 9, 2006.
She also pleaded not guilty to an alternate charge of causing grievous bodily harm to Muhammad Hussain.
Shaheda Hussain died at the scene of the attack at the family's Smith Street unit, at Southport, but Muhammad Hussain was saved after operations on a severe stomach stab wound.
The trial heard how Kaihana had threatened to turn away from Islam and told her parents she would convert to Christianity so she could be with her boyfriend Ben Brady in Sydney.
Earlier, when the family lived in Adelaide Kaihana had run away to Sydney to be with her boyfriend.
At the time her father had been upset because he was the head of the South Australian Bangladesh Association and to have his daughter become Christian would have caused "great shame".
The trial Kaihana and her mother had gone to Bangladesh for a wedding but stayed on for weeks because Muhammad wanted his daughter to have counselling in the Muslim faith.
But things came to a head when Kaihana and her mother returned and Muhammad had relocated the family to the Gold Coast where he hoped Kaihana would attend St Hilda's school before studying medicine at Bond University.
Only two days after the return Kaihana told her father she would not pray to something she did not believe.
An argument followed in which Muhammad accused Kaihana of killing her mother and trying to kill him while Kaihana said it was Muhammad who wielded the knife.
The crown case was Kaihana had wanted to gain her freedom from her strict parents and attacked them in a murderous rage.
The defence argued Muhammad had in effect snapped when Kaihana refused to pray and killed his wife before attempting to kill himself. They pointed to Muhammad in effect confessing to a nurse that he had "hurt" his wife while he was recovering in the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

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n0te1 : gil00000000sss berapi ahhh bila dengar cita nieh...
p0mpuan muslim yg nak lari ekot bf dia yg kristian n nak masuk kristian n sanggup ketepikan mak bapak dia..
mak bapak yg nak halang plak di tuduhnya jahat...
xda hati ngn perasaan sungguh la..
aku tau kes2 cam nie mmg ada berlaku..
tp da makin menjadi2 kot..
makin liar plak skang..
mak bapak teg0 da xnak dengar..yelah,kwn2 sendiri teg0 p0wn xm0 pakai...mmg xtau untung lah hidup kat dunia nieh..
sadis, tragis, sedih, n geram..
sanggup buat cam nie smata2 bf dia 2 yg xtentu dapat bimbing dia..

n0te2 : aku saja nak naikkan cerita/berita nieh..terjadi kat ausie..kalo xcaya n rasa apa yg aku copy cam xselesa nak baca n nak baca kat web itu sendiri, silalah klik kat s0urce yg aku letak kat atas..
Dunia dunia..mcm2 dah skang..
kepytusan mahmakah p0wn cam apa ntah ja..yalah..
Diskriminasi Agama lah kann..
hmm,apa2 p0wn sama2 lah kita berd0a m0ga2 hidup kita di berkatiNya..n di jauhi perkara2 cam nie n sewaktu dengannya...aminnnn..

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